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Financial Basics

This eBook is meant to empower individuals at the beginning or middle of their financial lives with basic, straightforward information on financial goal setting, determining income and expenses, saving, managing bank accounts, financial institutions, creating spending plans, establishing a credit history, credit and its impact, identity theft, investments, bankruptcy, credit scams, and other money-management options. This book includes basic financial information that ensures readers won’t learn about money the hard way. The intent of Financial Basics is to enhance readers’ financial knowledge and provide money-management options for finding their own best way to become masters of their money. Utilize this book to gain a deeper understanding of how they work together to lay the groundwork of a solid financial foundation for you and your family.

Level Up Your Credit

This eBook is meant to empower individuals struggling with low credit scores. By using the methods outlined in this eBook you can succeed in repairing your own credit. Are you tired and frustrated of being denied credit? Are high interest rates robbing you of your hard-earned income and preventing you from getting out of debt? Your low credit score may even be stopping you from getting a new job or home. Don’t be a victim of erroneous credit reporting or mistakes of the past. Bad credit can be limiting and even disastrous to your quality of life, begin restoring your credit and financial health today. Everything you need is included in this eBook. Take control of your credit by exercising your legal right to clean up your credit and restore your good name. With a high FICO score, you will qualify for the best financing and save thousands of dollars.

Keys to Homeownership will help to take the confusion and uncertainty out of the home buying process, providing a step-by step guide. First-time homebuyers have a lot to consider as they navigate the road to homeownership. From figuring out finances to choosing the right neighborhood to making sure everything is in order for the closing, it may be easy to become overwhelmed.