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Home Buyer Education and Counseling, Post Purchase Counseling, Financial Management Education Counseling, and Credit Counseling

Home Buyer Education and Counseling

Our housing counselors provide information and assistance regarding readiness and preparation for homeownership. This may include services such as down payment assistance, home exemption, home inspection, and home affordability.

Our pre-purchase education and counseling is provided to assist the client on mortgage readiness. Our group education workshops serve many potential home buyers. Our workshops provide all the information needed to become a successful homeowner. We can schedule an one on one counseling for interested participants. Participants must complete the 8 Hour Workshop and counseling to receive a Home Buyer’s Certificate.

The one on one counseling session includes the Certified counselor evaluating mortgage readiness, Fair Housing Education, budgeting, credit analysis, and money management. The purpose of the counseling is to identify and address issues that may prevent or delay the process to homeownership. The Certified counselor has a complete review of the client’s credit, financial profile, and develops an action plan. Interested in purchasing a home? We have information that can help you! Have questions? Talk with one of our Homeownership counselors!

Credit Counseling

The Certified counselor will obtain a copy of the client’s credit report and an analysis will be done. The Certified counselor will advise and assist the client with the necessary steps to help correct any derogatory information on the client’s credit report in order to improve their credit score and help the client become more prepared for the home buying process. 

Post Purchase Education

We offer Workshops on post purchase counseling to educate the buyer on maintaining the property and making the mortgage payments on time. Information offered in our workshops include budgeting, escrow funds, home improvement, home maintenance, and the rights and responsibilities of homeowners. If you have any questions you can contact us or come see us.

Rights and Responsibilities as a Homeowner

Our Post Purchase education and counseling will educate you with life as homeowner. Common issues like home maintenance and financial management are covered. Come talk with our counselors for help with topics such as:

  • Creating a realistic budget to lay a solid financial foundation
  • Protecting and maintaining your home
  • Understanding property taxes and insurance

Financial Literacy

Managing Personal Finances

Our financial literacy education and counseling can help you discover hot budgeting and debt payoff prioritizing can help your financial position. It is necessary to have the knowledge to make financial management a successful experience.


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